June 28, 2013

Reopening Oxide Company

Alright, guys. I've finished all my exams so I've got plenty of freetime.
Oxide Company is now openly recruiting!
You can apply with a comment to this post using the following details:
Keep in mind that only the first 30 people will get personal characters! So hurry up!

Copy and paste the following:
Full Name:

Primary Weapon will be M4A1
Choose an option for the next:
Attachement (M203, Shotgun or Foregrip):
Optics (Iron sights, Acog or Holographic):
Sound Supressor (Yes/No):
Colour (Standard, Desert Camo):

Head customization
Eye colour:
Skin colour (black/white):
Mask (Yes/No):
Facial hair - Leave Empty if chosen mask (big beard, small beard, moustache or nothing):

Helmet customization
Tactical glasses (Yes/No):
Night Vission (Yes/No):

Body customization
Armour (heavy/light):
Knee pads (right leg, left leg, both legs or none)

Alright, so that's it.
If any of the details are not filled as required, then the application will be rejected.