August 24, 2013

[REL] M60E4

M60E4 Along with the Animation of shooting in it, replaced for Minigun

Preview of the new shooting animation:



August 18, 2013


HK-PSG 1 Semi Auto Rifle Link:



Faggot, Really disappointed about him, especially he's in the same country as I, lol

He posted one of my mods and Paul's mods without any approval from us


August 8, 2013

Random thing from Alghifari/WilliamKennedy

Well in this post, I  only will talk about the RP servers thing that I joined in or whatever, just a random thing from me.

I play in Vampire, Werewolf, and Human RP server either and I do have my self registered in the forum, and my name in VWH-RP's Forum is PREACHER so please stop saying "Omg omg omg u steal someone works like a bitch" seriously stop it, that "Preacher" is me, Audi Alghifari or William Kennedy

Aside from that, I'll pause the HK416 mod and will post another re-made of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare's weapons, M4A1 Tasco Red Dot will soon be released here and also the M4A1 Suppressed pack fixed version are also will be released in couple days, if I am not busy though, ok that's all

For all muslims, Happy Eid Fitr, forgive me if I ever commit something bad toward you people