April 18, 2012

[REL] M4A1 Silencers Pack

Hi,its me William Kennedy,now i want to announce it if i am working on M4A1 Silencers Pack! And heres the list in inside this pack (M4A1 Credit Goes By Salva):
-M4A1 No Sight Attachment + Silencer
-M4A1 Acog + Silencer
-M4A1 Holographic + Silencer
-M4A1 Red Dot Sight + Silencer
-M4A1 Magnifier + Silencer
-M4A1 Red Dot Scope + Silencer

Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?f6otbntdg6atck4
Password : weaponsbywilliamkennedy

/me too lazy to add the picz becoz mah connectionz iz lagz :/ you can check it by using GGMM tools