February 24, 2013

[REL] Global Defense Initiative Soldiers (Introducing PA-RP)


  (Masked version)

Black Skin Version:


Its been a long time i havent post any mods here,so here it is,this is my PA-RP Faction skin made by my self.Join Project Apocalypse Zombie RP Server,it has a cool and nice scripting and mapping,the community's awesome either,visit projectgaming.net/index.php 
my ingame name is Bradley Fordson,Mapper and Administrator Level 4 ingame,Forum Moderator.Have fun!

Most of the gears are credit from EA,Infinity Wards,and other,contain 7 Skins inside,White Skin Soldier,Black Skin Soldier,and Gas Masked,to avoid the racist comment from you guys,have fun and do not publish it to other site without my permission,or you'll be considered as a stealer
Well this skin's actually looks like a US Navy SEALS,but yeah you can say its a NAVY SEALS or GDI Uniform



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