June 22, 2013

[REL]The Old Days

Yeah, so I've finally found my old mods - some of them. Most of them are kind of buggy, but well, a lot of people were asking me to find 'em. So, here they are, the most-requested old mods:

ACR with HB sensor
 Alpha team member (RSV2)
 Khaled Al-Asad
 Black Navy Seal
 White Navy Seal
 Captain Price - Prisoner 627
 Silenced M4A1
 M21 Ghillied
 Makarov's Mercenaries
 Spetsnaz soldier
 Spetsnaz sniper
 TOW missile
 Black Ranger
 White Ranger
 Static Stinger

That's it - some people are going to be happy.

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