August 8, 2013

Random thing from Alghifari/WilliamKennedy

Well in this post, I  only will talk about the RP servers thing that I joined in or whatever, just a random thing from me.

I play in Vampire, Werewolf, and Human RP server either and I do have my self registered in the forum, and my name in VWH-RP's Forum is PREACHER so please stop saying "Omg omg omg u steal someone works like a bitch" seriously stop it, that "Preacher" is me, Audi Alghifari or William Kennedy

Aside from that, I'll pause the HK416 mod and will post another re-made of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare's weapons, M4A1 Tasco Red Dot will soon be released here and also the M4A1 Suppressed pack fixed version are also will be released in couple days, if I am not busy though, ok that's all

For all muslims, Happy Eid Fitr, forgive me if I ever commit something bad toward you people

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